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Resolving Toilet Leaks
  • Saturday, Oct 09, 2021
  • Brampton Plumber

Resolving Toilet Leaks

In order to fix a toilet leak or an issue with a toilet, first take the time to thoroughly diagnose the specific situation so that you ensure you are fixing the correct issue. A toilet leak can generally be a dirty and messy issue, so diagnosing the problem is key.

An overflowing clogged toilet can get lots of unwanted effects for example dirty toilet water on your own flooring, flooring damage, smells, and/or water through a ceiling below if unattended and if the leak is big enough. Therefore, you must either fix it yourself or call a competent professional Brampton plumber such as Mayfield Plumbing & Drains to properly fix a toilet leak.

Toilet overflows and leaks are generally either from the root of the toilet inside the integral trap or from the center, rear of the fixture at tank level. To discover a leak that may be occurring from outside of the toilet, visual inspect the entire toilet from all angles to see if there is any visible water dripping or if there is anything physically wet. Inspect the tank to bowl seal, the inside tank bolts that hold the tank to the bowl, inspect the water supply hose to the toilet to the shut off valve and inspect  the base of the toilet as it sits on the floor. Flush the toilet and visually inspect the toilet.

In comparison, if you discover water dripping from your rear of the toilet at about seat level, the problem may be related to a faulty seal involving the tank to bowl. In any case, you must switch off the water to the toilet in the water valve and flush the bathroom to empty the tank. A tank to bowl faulty gasket is a common toilet problem for older toilets. Over time, the rubber gasket becomes hard and brittle and could create a leak. When replacing a tank to bowl seal gasket, it is wise to also replace the toilet tank to bowl bolts and rubber gaskets.

To make an effort to correct a toilet leak in the bottom at the base, first simply snug upward (do not over tighten) the bolts holding the toilet to the flange. Refill the toilet tank and flush to and see whether the leak goes away. If it doesn’t, disconnect and re-empty the toilet and tank; unbolt the toilet from a floor, disconnect the water supply line from the tank, and carefully rock the toilet off the flange. Once the toilet has been removed, remove the old toilet seal gasket and replace using a brand new toilet seal gasket. Toilet gaskets come in rubber and in wax format.  When the toilet is off, inspect the floor around the flange, check of possible water damage and corrosion. If the floor seems damaged, call Brampton plumber Mayfield Plumbing & Drains.

First snug upward (do not over tighten) the tank bolts in the bottom of the tank, to make an effort to correct a toilet flow from your tank. Subsequently refill the bathroom and see whether the flow goes away. If it doesn’t, disconnect and re-empty the toilet; unbolt the tank from your toilet foundation, scrutinize the rubber washers in the bolts along with the tank-to-bowl gasket. Not all toilet leaks are caused by old or faulty parts, in some cases the toilet or tank may actually be cracked and a new toilet will be required. A cracked toilet or tank is not something that should be repaired. From leaky toilets, toilet repairs, toilet installations to toilet leak diagnoses; call Mayfield Plumbing & Drains for all your toilet problems and solutions. 647-229-3766.

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